1. Heartbleed


    And the Lord said, "Thou shalt patch thine servers. Posthaste."

    This is the real deal, folks. The general zeitgeist in my sysadmin circles is that this is the most severe, widespread, high-potential-for-damage bug in a decade. If you're running a vulnerable version ...

  2. Implementing IPsec Transport Mode

    I've been working with IPsec for many years, mostly in tunnel mode, when building LAN-to-LAN VPN connections or for mobile worker VPNs. Recently, though, I had occastion to venture into using IPsec in transport mode, which I'd never done before. In the standard tunnel mode, entire packets are ...

  3. Resurrecting the Blog - 2014 Version

    Well sheesh, it's been over four years since the last post on this blog. A lot has happened since then. At some point, perhaps I'll get into that, but for now, let's just get down to business.

    I've been working on some things at work. AWS ...

  4. Friday voicemail fun

    So we discovered today that one of our sales reps mistakenly left as his voicemail greeting an entire serires of failed recording attempts before finally getting it right. I've censored the rep's last name as well as the company name out of the file.

    Hearing this first thing ...

  5. Erik's Stoker Setup

    I received a few requests for pics/explanation of the automatic temp control system I have for my smoker. So here we go.

    At the heart of the system is a Stoker from Rock's BBQ. This guy lives in my basement, near the rest of my network equipment. It ...

  6. Workin' for the Alma Mater

    Well friends, many of you have already heard this through the grapevine, but I wanted to make an "official" announcement for those that hadn't heard.

    In a little less than two weeks, my tenure at Logic will come to a close. After a couple of weeks off, I'll ...

  7. What was Honda thinking?

    I've griped about this many times to friends, but I finally got around to documenting it this evening. I own a 2001 Honda CR-V. It's a great car. In fact, other than this to-be-described issue with the oil filter, there's not much to complain about.

    When car ...

  8. Current Podcast Subscriptions

    I've been listening to (and greatly enjoying) a *lot* of podcasts lately, so I thought I'd share my current subscription list.

    • Speaking of Faith - This is public radio's "conversation about belief, meaning, ethics, and ideas". In this podcast, Krista Tippett performs hour-long interviews with religious leaders, philosophers ...

  9. Recap of our last few weeks

    We've been quite busy the last few weeks getting to know Toren, enjoying time with friends and family, and trying to catch up on our sleep. :-) Following are a few picture highlights from the last few weeks.

    We've started learning how to entertain two kiddos at once:

    We ...

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